321Connect now enables Australia's local sports clubs to access the same high performance sponsorship programs it provides to professional sports clubs such as the St Kilda Football Club.


321Connect now enables Australia's local sports clubs to access the same high performance sponsorship programs it provides to professional sports clubs such as the St Kilda Football Club.

Your club will gain access to some of Australia’s largest and most trusted financial service providers across more than twelve categories including Home Loans, Health Insurance, Electricity, Phone and Broadband, Car Insurance, Home Insurance and many more.

Like the St Kilda Football Club, your sponsorship program is completely tailored with your club's logo, branding, images, videos, social media content, email templates and messaging. 321Connect is paid by the providers, so the program is provided completely free of charge to your club.

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New sponsorship revenue for your club

Your club will earn revenue whenever your members, players, visitors or supporters take up new services or switch to some of Australia’s best providers through your club's sponsorship program.

Every time a new product is purchased or a switch occurs, your club will be paid a fixed amount between $25 and $500, depending on the product that was purchased.

Simply provide us with your clubs bank details when you complete your full registration and we’ll push the sponsorship payments directly into your account and report on all purchase activity from members, players, visitors and supporters.

Saint Kilda Football Club lead submission

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Improve the value you provide to your existing sponsors

If your club has existing sponsors that operate within our twelve categories, you can simply remove our provider within that category and add your existing sponsor to the program.

All enquiries for your existing sponsors categories will be emailed directly to the sponsor representative that you define and you will receive reporting on these leads.

321Connect does not charge any fees for existing sponsor enquiries – all existing arrangements you have in place with them will remain.

This proven enquiry activity is extremely valuable to your club when it comes time to renegotiating next year’s sponsorship arrangements.

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Campaign activation services

We’re experts at helping your club engage not only its members, but its fans, supporters and the broader community.

We also recognise that your club doesn’t have the time or resources to drive a complex sponsorship program, so we do 99% of the work for you.

Once registered, your club fundraising captain simply needs to download and print your club’s unique marketing collateral, then forward the emails to the members that your Local Sports Sponsorship Program sends them and spreads the word about the program benefits. It’s extremely easy.

For club fundraising captains that choose to leverage the advanced campaign tools in the program, these can also be used to super-charge your sponsorship revenue.

Administration dashboard

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Technology and design services

Our team of designers are responsible for the ongoing creation of unique and engaging offers for your members and supporters.

Our proprietary software means that emails, posters, social media posts and printed collateral will contain your club logos, colours, images and unique messages.

We provide your club with high-quality, bespoke collateral that you can easily print, upload to social media or email to members and supporters

Example email communication for the Baden Powell Cricket Club

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It's highly likely that your club’s members, players, fans and supporters already review their household bills or purchase new services each year.

This sponsorship program will enable your club to now earn whenever they choose to initiate that switch activity through your club.

There are no cost to the members and there are no fees or charges for your club to benefit from this unique revenue generation opportunity.

It simply makes sense to register your club to take advantage of the 321Connect Local Sports Sponsorship Program.

321Connect Local Sports Sponsorship Program Registration

Thank you for registering your interest, we'll be in touch when your program is ready to go.

321Connect now enables Australia's local sports clubs to access the same sponsorship programs it provides to professional clubs such as the St Kilda Football Club completely free of charge.

Local sports sponsorship programs will begin rolling out from November 2015. We will be in contact with you two weeks prior to your clubs program being made available.

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